100 word challenge – Challenge 6

This weeks challenge is to write a report on our rounders games from today, remember to make every word count. You might want to use compound adjectives in your description e.g clear-skied or hard-hitting and other wizard words to jazz up your writing.

Don’t worry if you get a couple of the facts muddled up I want to see your best writing so show me what you can do!!!!
As ever post your reports as a comment below.

Nature Quiz semi – final

Well done to Jai, Taibian, Lucas and Ellie for representing Gastrells in the semi finals of this years nature quiz. They did very well considering the little preparation they had and can certainly hold their heads up high despite not making it any further in the competition this year. Well done!


Reporters take to the field

Eagles have been honing their multi-tasking skills is week after being given the task on reporting on a rounders games where they played both reporter, fielder and batsman. Below I have collated some highlights from their reports, can you tell who was in each team from their writing?

On the 19th May 2013 on the sinister battle-ground that is Gastrells playing field an epic clash took place between two of the finest teams in rounders history. – Oliver

Wolf pack with a lucky win over the V.I.P’s leaving the scores extremely close. The whistle blew for the final time leaving Wolfpack on 4.5 rounders and the V.I.P’s trailing on 4. – Callum

Wolfpack once again defeated the tongue-tied V.I.P’s, with the final score of: 4-4.5. The crowd-raising game began, even though it was clear-skied, Campbell was on the pitch and it was his hard-hitting bat that hit the ball miles over the playing field leaving the Wolfpack struggling to stump him out. – Evie

Man of the match, Lucas, hit the ball out of sight resulting in a rounder. Team captain, Archie ‘nosy’ Nurding, gave words of hope before the game, “we’ll need a lot of luck to win”. – Ruby

Despite the score, the Wolfpack fought on, scoring 2.5 rounders and claiming 10 no balls. – Lucas

With the V.I.P’s thwarted of a great win the Wolfpack reigns victorious. This close competition will surely be remembered for generations to come. – Luke

Nevertheless, team captain of the V.I.P’s (Jade) respectfully commented that she ‘was not distraught on the count of her team not winning an immensely tense match’. – Erin



Be prepared!

To all the year 6’s (and keen y5s) below I have posted several links to great websites for SATs revision, have a look and remember the key to revision is little and often, that means short amounts of time but regularly.