Spellings – To be tested on 5/11/14

Blue – south, account, hour, fountain, council, surround, proud, announce, sour, lounge
Blue (Alfie) – people, what, said, house, children, could, asked, called, about, made
Red – wearily, yearly, nearly, fearless, treacle, ideal, easily, cease, league, creature
Green – tremendous, ridiculous, marvellous, suspicious, gracious, discussion, procession, excursion, envious, anxious
Orange – immaturely, improbable, impractical, impatiently, incapable, inconvenient inaccurately, irresistible, illiterate, illegible

Get practicing!

This weeks spellings

Please carefully copy these into your spelling books or your home school record.

Blue – adjective, adverb, admire, advise, addition, adjacent, adjust, advent, advance, adjoin
Blue (Alfie) – light, bright, night, fright, sight, fight, height, right, slight, might
Red – partial, special, artificial, financial, official, infectious, previous, tedious, glorious, curious
Green – magician, transfusion, oppression, attention, completion, institution, percussion, intuition, electrician, optician
Orange – autograph, autopsy, autobiography, circumference, circular, circumnavigate, telepathy, telescope, bicycle, bilingual