Inter form 5 a-side football!

On Monday night Gastrells first inter house mixed football tournament took place with 20 children representing Selsley, Painswick, Haresfield and The Gastrells All Stars. After a mini training session a round robin tournament took place to find our champions! After 6 fiercely competitive games, with some super goals from Myles, Rudi, Kyra & Leona (to name only a few) , Haresfield were pronounced the winners, winning all 3 of their games.

Well done to all the children involved for helping to make a great evening of football!

Mr M


Young Voices 2015

WOW, what another incredible trip to Young Voices! Here are some of the highlights from this year. A big thank you to Mr Rimmer for coordinating all rehearsals and the trip itself.

Young Voices 2015 from Jacob Muskett on Vimeo.

The Scale of the Solar System!

This week in Science we have been investigating the size of the planets in our solar system and the distance between them. We drew scale pictures of the planets where 1cm equalled 1000km as well as this we worked outside to discover just how far the planets were apart. Using a scale of 1m to 100,000,000km we placed our ‘planets’ across the field, here are some of the interesting facts that the children have discovered this week.

‘the sun makes up 99.8% of everything in our solar system’
‘Venus is ‘only’ 40,000,000 km away from Earth’
‘Mercury is incredibly hot as it is the closest planet to the sun’
‘it takes Neptune 164 ‘Earth years’ to orbit the sun’

Have a look at this great website to appreciate just how big our Solar System is…