Into the woods production

Just a few things to confirm guys… 

I really want you to get practicing lots over half term to learn your parts (if you need reminding what your part is or have any other questions then ask me on here)

I will be adding more lines into the script as we go but until we have completed a read through and started to act it out I’m not sure where these will be so you will need to bare with us. These will definately be given out before the end of the first week back.

Remember – just because you are not saying something in a specific scene does not mean you won’t be acting and dancing so please don’t judge your role on just the words you have to say, this is only part of your role! 

You must also pass on an important message to your parents over half term- we have had to move the date for our evening performance from Wednesday 8th night till thursday 9th due to half of the class being involved in the dance performance at the Everyman. This is still a provisional date but will be confirmed if no one gets back to me to say they are unable to make this. 

Have a great half term

Mr M


Into the woods…..songs for our auditions

Hello there Eagles,
This years class production will be ‘Into the woods’!!!!
We will be holding auditions in class next week so I have attached some of the songs which we will be using for the audition for you to have a go at practicing this weekend.

The roles we will be auditioning are the following…
The Baker (boy), The Bakers wife (girl), Cinderella (girl), Jack (boy), Witch (boy/girl), Little Red Riding Hood (girl).

Food Revolution Day!

WOW! What a fantastically crazy afternoon!

Gastrells Community Primary School

Wow, what an incredible day! The children thoroughly loved every minute of the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution day challenge!

The day began with Mrs Merriman collecting the ingredients from Waitrose (who kindly donated some money to help us pay for the ingredients), she loaded her car and headed for school. At 8:00am the bread arrived! Over 200 freshly baked bread rolls!

At lunchtime Mrs Clifford and Eagles Year 5’s set to work preparing the ingredients and sharing it all out across the school. What a challenge that was! Then two volunteers from Waitrose arrived to give us a hand!

After lunch we were split in to 26 groups of mixed ages from across the whole school. Then the fun began! To quote Jamie Oliver, “Now we get Crazy!” and we certainly did; chopping, slicing, snapping and bashing (literally) the ingredients together until we had a Healthy Summer salad to fill our…

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Maths Revision

hey diddle diddle

Choose several of the games on these links to play, make sure that you challenge yourself

Once you have played on a selection of the games above have ago at answering some of these typical mental maths questions.

1. Two angles of a triangle are 35 degrees each, what is the size of the 3rd angle?
2. Which of the following are prime numbers? 7, 12, 18, 21, 29,
3. How many ml are in 6.7L?
4. Subtract 2.4 from 7
5. What is the area of a square if one side is 9m?
6. 3 bags of sweets cost £1.25, how much do 9 bags cost?
7. What is the remainder when you divide 127 by 11?
8. What is the middle number between 54 and 89
9. What is 20% as a fraction?
10. If j = 9 what does 6j + 13 =?

Please post your answers as a comment below, think about the strategies you are using to get to the answers quickly.