Class Sleepover 2015!

IMG_8841After spending the day preparing and cooking our evening meal (homemade burgers or vegetarian pizza with corn on the cob or wedges) all 40 of us we sat down to eat together. After our dessert of chocolate brownie or pavlova we prepared where we would sleep that night and then changed ready for an evening of activities outside. After playing a rather muddy game of ‘manhunt’ in the grounds of the school we snapped our glow sticks and headed up onto the common for our evening walk. With the wind battering us from all angles we paused to watch the evening sky clear after playing a few quick games on the common.

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On our return to school we took one quick picture before quickly getting changed into our Pj’s and continuing to watch our chosen film of the night ‘Inside out’ with hot chocolate and marshmallows. After 30 minutes or so we were ready to play another game and it was time for many of the children’s highlight of the night – sardines! After seeing the school in a totally different way and several games later we crowned Miss Saunders the sardines champion for her brilliant hiding place (don’t tell Mrs Merriman!). With 10.30 approaching we took to ‘bed’ and eventually some sleep may of taken place.

The following morning many children worked tirelessly to clean and pack away after a brilliant sleepover before tucking into some breakfast and heading home.

A huge amount of thanks must go to Mrs Smith, Miss Saunders, Mrs Payne and Mr Harman for all their hard work to make this a success.

Mr M

Spellings & Homework

A quick reminder about your homework and spellings Eagles.

Homework task – To prepare to give a persuasive speech on a subject of your choice to the class. You will need to be able to speak without a script but may use prompt cards like we have done in class. This needs to be ready to deliver for Monday 7th December.

Spellings – To be tested on Friday 4th December

Purple – (Rule: ‘ency’ or ‘ancy’) decency, leniency, efficiency, proficiency, complacency, hesitancy, discrepancy, buoyancy, truancy, vacancy
Green – (Rule: ‘ably’ or ‘ibly’) adorably, considerably, understandably, reasonably, reliably, eligibly, incredibly, possibly, responsibly, forcibly
Red – (Rule: ‘able’ or ‘ible’) desirable, changeable, believable, capable, foreseeable, irritable, regrettable, durable, available, inevitable
Blue – (Rule: ‘ous’) vicious, tremendous, hazardous, frivolous, numerous, ambitious, mischievous, jealous, delicious, spontaneous
Pink – (Rule: ‘ou’) touch, young, country, double, trouble, round, found, crouch, proud, trounce

Speaking out!

After being inspired by our trip to the cinema to watch ‘He called me Malala’ and watching Malala’s inspirational speech to the world leaders at the UN we had a go at writing our own persuasive speeches about issues which were important to us. After writing our speeches we studied how Malala spoke and discussed the importance of how we deliver our speeches to our audience, remembering to speak loudly, clearly, with enthusiasm and passion and to make eye contact. After practicing our speeches in small groups some children bravely delivered their speeches to the class watch the video below to see how they got on.


Class sleepover, only 4 days away!

Dear Eagles class,

Just a quick  message to remind you all of what you need to bring to our sleepover on Friday and other important information.

Kit list – To be packed by you (not your parents), this is an important lesson.

  • A sleeping bag and pillow
  • Several changes of clothes including pyjamas.
  • Hat, scarf and warm walking clothes.
  • Walking boots/ Wellington boots
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Torch
  • A teddy (optional)
  • NO iPods, phones or tablets please

You will need to bring all of your things with you to school in the morning preferably in one bag and take it to the ICT suite, if you have any medication this must be given to me or one of the Eagles class TA’s. You will need to be picked up from the school hall at 9.30am on Saturday morning.

If you have any questions or concerns please see me or post it online here!

I hope you are all excited, I know I am!

Mr M

Chill Skills

On Friday a group of year 6’s went to Chill Skills. The group enjoyed dancing, stretching, breathing, peer massage and spoke about all the things that make them wonderful. They finished by lying down and listening to relaxing visualisation, today the story took them to a private desert island. Miss Szczepura was impressed with the maturity that all the children showed throughout the session.