Christmas Wishes

Eagles, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful time with friends and family.

I have posted our Christmas ‘music video’ below which may bring a few smiles to your relatives this Christmas so please do share it with them or if you are feeling filled with the Christmas spirit why not give them your very own live performance!

Thank you all ever so much for your gifts and cards, they have filled my living room and I feel incredibly lucky.

Finally, you have no homework to complete over the Christmas holidays but please remember to rest, relax, have fun, laugh, tell jokes, eat lots, give lots, be helpful, be thankful and stay safe. See you all in the new year.

Mr M

Eagles Star of the Day Winners


A huge well done to Willem, Lexie and Freya for winning our star of the day trophies this term. All of them have worked incredibly hard in across many areas this term and have really shone to all the staff who work in Eagles.

Christmas Carol Concert Highlights

Just in case you missed tonight’s concert or if you want to relive or share with a friend or family member who couldn’t be there, here are the highlights.

And if you want to see the Eagles class performance in full here check the video out below…

(A special mention must also go to the readers; Josh, Lizzie, Thomas, Myles, Scarlett, James, Pearl, Laurie, Owen and Ruby who all read beautifully with great confidence)

100 word challenge 7

Task: Watch the 3 minute animation below about the two bandit brothers afterwards retell the story with your 100 words, you may either choose to either retell the whole of the story or just a small section. I would like you to really think about the following…
* Sentence structure
* Use of connectives
* Wizard words
* Range of Punctuation
* Editing your work

(To be completed by Friday 11th)

Ruckus from Ruckus Animation on Vimeo.