Super Saturday Netball @ Genting Arena

Yesterday our Year 5 & 6 Netball club had the fantastic opportunity of watching the Super League Netball in Birmingham where the 8 top teams from around the UK with a host of England internationals played 4 games throughout the day. The trip was a brilliant chance for the children to see and be inspired by netball being played at the highest level by some world class players. Thank you to all the adults and children who made this such a superb day!

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Calling All Gymnasts

 Next term we are looking to host our first ever Gastrells gymnastics competition with year 5 & 6 (and the odd exception) children from Selsley, Haresfield and Painswick competing in teams against each other to win the prestiduous ‘Gastrells Gymnastics Shield’. Teams will consist of 7 children from each house with the competition being split into two sections: the vault and a floor routine (see the image I have attached below). 
Mr Muskett will be holding reversals every Tuesday after half term leading up to the competition which will be held before the Easter holidays. If you would like to be considered to represent your house please leave a comment below (if we have more than 7 children apply for each team we will hold try outs to select the team), if you have any questions catch me at school. 


How good is your balance?

In P.E this term, we have been focusing on gymnastics, today we looked at improving our balance when working on the beam.

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If you want to practice or perhaps challenge your parents, here are skills to do at each level of our warm up activity. Remember to move onto the next level you need to complete the task without wobbling, support and on both legs.
Level 1 – Balance on one foot for 10 seconds
Level 2 – Balance on one foot for 30 seconds with your eyes closed.
Level 3 – Perform 5 single leg squats
Level 4 – Perform 10 single leg squats and fully extend leg onto your toes.
Level 5 – Perform 5 single leg squats into extension followed by arabesque

Young Voices 2016

Wow, what an incredible day! It was jam packed full of singing, dancing and some fantastic performances from various acts on stage. Singing as part of a 6000 strong children choir is such an amazing opportunity for all the children as well as being incredibly enjoyable from start to finish. Without a doubt all the children (and staff) had a superb time, thank you to Mr Rimmer for organising.
Check out the video highlights below, look out for some amazing dance moves!

Young Voices 2016 from Jake Muskett on Vimeo.