100 Word Challenge #5

A reminder: When you post your 100 words please can you remember to not include your full name

Task: To use the following passage within yours 100 words, it may appear at any point within your writing – Due Friday 2nd December

…as the smoke cleared…

Before posting remember to check the following…

  • Have you reread and edited your work?
  • Have you challenged yourself by using powerful vocabulary
  • Have you used a range of punctuation?
  • Have you used a variety of sentence openers and conjunctions?

Good luck, as ever I look forward to reading your responses

Mr M100wcgu-72


Journalists in the making

Today Eagles class got into the role of journalists and  spent 15 minutes asking Mrs Merriman questions regarding the new play area. 

Here are some of their questions…

  • How much did the play area cost?
  • What will the outdoor classroom be used for?
  • Will it be able to be used in any weather?
  • When will it be opened?
  • What was the name of the company who installed the equipment?

Look out for their reports early next week.

Our Solar System scaled down to 100m

On Wednesday Eagles made their way to Rodborough common to see what our solar system would look like if it was scaled down to 100m. 
The children used a trundle wheel to measure the distances from the sun, all the way out to Pluto (we know it’s not really a planet) which was 98.6m away from the sun.

Here are some comments from the children…

“The further away from the sun you go the further tha planets are apart”

“Other than Pluto all the planets which are further apart are the larger planets”

“Earth is really close to Mars and Venus”

“It’s not surprising Neptune is incredibly cold as it’s very far away from the sun”

🏆🏐Gastrells remain undefeated as both teams make the final!🏐🏆

A huge well done to both our A and B netball team who both finished undefeated in tonight’s Stroud district group stage and both qualified for the final!

Our A team topped their group winning all 4 of their games without conceding a goal. Whilst our B team finished a close second in their group with only goal difference edging them out of top spot.

Well done to all the children involved who played with enthusiasm, skill and passion. Roll on the final where the two teams will face other group winners and second place finishers as well as each other.

A team star player – Juliette 

B team star player – Freya

Homework and Spellings

Maths Passport – To continue to practice your maths passports everyday at home for 5 minutes, please make sure your parents sign your home school record to show that you have been doing this. Last week only 10 children earnt team points after remembering to do this, lets have a big improvement on that this week – Due Friday

History – What is the difference between Celtic warriors and Roman Soldiers? You may present this is anyway you wish (Think 3 star!) – Due Wednesday

Maths – This will be given out on Monday – Due next Monday

Spellings –  Well done to everyone who put a big effort into their spellings last week, remember to keep practicing those meanings!

Blue – aerobics, aerodynamic, aerosol, aerospace, aerobatics, autopsy, autopilot, automatically, autograph, autobiography

Purple – thoughtfully, frantically, recklessly, enthusiastically, victoriously, sheepishly, inquisitively, hastily, rudely, obnoxiously

Red – anxious, anxiety, malice, malious, precious, conscious, delicious, suspicious, ambitious, spacious

Green – overgrown, overcrowded, overthrown, overtake, overspent, recreate, refresh, refund, repayment, reappear,

‘Couldn’t be more proud’

A huge well done to our Y5/6 ‘A’ team to played incredibly well against a very strong St Mary’s team tonight to win 5-2. The whole team defended magnificently, making a host of interceptions throughout the game. Marking was impressive from every player but a particular mention must go to Ellen, Lexie and Bella who were superb from start to finish. Max and Owen both worked tirelessly up and down the court making numerous vital interceptions and key passes. Whilst Ria and captain Juliette combined well in both attack in defence making cruitial scores before half time.

As I said to the children after the game I couldn’t have been more proud of how they all played together today, a huge well done to all of them! 

Mr M

Gastrells ‘B’ team played a hard fought away game against St Mary’s tonight. Despite conceding an early goal in the first quarter Gastrells showed superb grit and determination playing well together to match St Mary’s quarter for quarter. Dylan made his netballing debut, demonstrating some super interceptions, whilst Freya, Lily and Phoebe proved they can play equally well in both attack and defence. Final score : 3-2 To St Mary’s Player of the match: Lily

Homework & Spellings

Maths- to practice your maths passport targets for 5 minutes everyday and have your home school record signed by your parent (Friday). To complete your maths passport sheet (Wednesday).

100 word challenge – see previous blog post

Spellings – to be tested on Friday

Blue – commercially, financially, initially, artificially, superficially, unofficially, partially, substantially, crucially, unconventionally 

Purple – accessorise, personalise, enterprise, improvise, vandalise, turquoise, uprising, utilise, analyse, paralyse, 

Red – awkwardness, bargain, bargained, bruised, bruising, category, categorise, categorisation, categorically 

Green – misbehave, misbehaving, misfortune, mislead, misread, mistype, mistake, mission, misplace, mishap