A selection of superb writing from this week…

Sleepily, I watched the sun. I knew this would be my last memory, just me alone with the blazing hot sun staring back at me. Eventually the sun would set and I knew it would never rise again. The stars that were glimmering and revealing the ever-changing colours of the sky were preparing for the night that would never end. I lay down my bike with caution because I knew the noise would disrupt this peaceful moment nevertheless the chain still banged and rubbed against the wheel bringing me back to the harsh reality of the world. My family, my favourite people in the world, will be wondering where I am, but it was too late. The sun set.

By Eva

I was standing there, darkness had fallen. Sparkling stars started to gather around me, boxing me into a world of amazement. The stars were like shimmering diamonds in an ancient treasure chest. The sky, which was illuminated by rays of the golden sun, was splattered with patches of dark midnight blue. It was terrific. At that moment, it felt as though time had stopped. I shall always wonder in the back of my head, what caused this magnificent sight, could it just possibly be magic?

By Elle.

Tears ran down her face. Crystal blue tears. Steadily hushing his daughter he started to discolour. The small girl, who was clinging to her dad wouldn’t let go. ‘I don’t want to let go but I have to’ whispered the tall man. The girl – who was still holding on’ saw her father fade away. Then he disappeared.

By Archie

Breaking news: Coconut beach is under attack! This beach, famous across the world, has succumbed to its overpowering darkness!
Hurling my bags into the aircraft, I realised how dangerous this mission was. The plane journey lasted forever: the heat and noise was unbearable. My team leapt from the aircraft and parachuted over the jet black leaves of the once-green palm trees, I drifted away from my crew and landed softly in the dark sand. The silence that surrounded me felt like a colossal cup had been placed over me, blocking out all the sound, until I felt a breath on my neck. At that moment I thought it was my friends messing around, when I turned I saw something I will never forget. I was found by my team, hiding from that ‘thing’ of course they didn’t believe me, but I know what I saw.

By Lilia

I can’t die, not now. The gargantuan clock tower was the only think stopping me from falling. Tightly gripping the railing I started to sweat. The moon, which was making me feel small, felt bigger than ever. At that moment my hand began to slip, could this be the end? Closing my eyes (I felt scared) I wished and hoped I wouldn’t fall. My hand slipped…

By Lily W

Petrified, I clung on for dear life. Weakened, I used all my leftover strength to pull myself away from the colossal human-slayers. Gradually, the trumpet like vacuums rounded and sucked us up in 10s and 100s. I only just managed to clamber into the sturdy church, which felt quieter than ever. The ground thudded. At that moment, I stared at the gloomy shine from the giants’ boots; people screaming for mercy; being sucked from their family and love. I ought’ve went out there, to face them, however I knew I couldn’t.

By Billy

The Mock Trial of Sam Jones & Pip Harris

On Friday Eagles (and a selection of Goshawks) attended court at Ebley house to compete in a mock trial competition. Gastrells entered 3 teams, 2 playing the role of the prosecution and 1 playing the role of the defence. This was such a fantastic experience for the children who had the chance to be magistrates, solicitors, witnesses, ushers, court clerks, court artists and many other roles for the morning.

Friday’s competition was a culmination of 3 week’s of hard work, all the children have worked great in their respective teams demonstrating exceptional speaking and listening skills and confidence. As well as this they now have a great appreciation for how a magistrate court runs and a greater appreciation for the effects of online bullying.