Magistrate Visit

2 visits in as many days for Eagles, as today we were visited by a practising magistrate who gave us an fascinating discussion on their role and how the British  court system operates. Eagles fired off some excellent questions and got thinking about some of the  complex legal and moral questions regarding crime and punishment. We are now keen to get preparations underway for the upcoming mock trial !

KNEX Challenge

…Our challenge this year was to build a carnival float. Some imaginative designs and great to see such a range of ideas. Congratulations to our class winners Alex and Leo who go through to represent Gastrells at the regional finals held at Renishaw later this year.

Spellings (due Wednesday 4th December)

Please ensure you know what each word means! (This will form part of your test next week)


adorable, valuable, advisable, believable, desirable, excitable, knowledgeable, likeable, changeable, noticeable


expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, transmission, possession, profession, depression, impression

Trip to skillzone


Today we spent an informative and fun afternoon learning how keep ourselves safe at Skillzone; where life scenarios are mocked up and explored with the help of a guide. Today we explored the home, roads, railways, safe and unsafe streets, the park, police custody and our own mental well-being. It was a memorable experience for staff and pupils alike !