Internet safety afternoon

On Thursday we were joined by Mark constabulary who taught Eagles a little more about the importance of staying safe on the internet and specifically what – and what not – to share online. It left us all thinking carefully about our digital footprint and Mark will be back with us later in the year for a follow up visit.


The Mock Trial of Sam Jones & Pip Harris

On Friday Eagles (and a selection of Goshawks) attended court at Ebley house to compete in a mock trial competition. Gastrells entered 3 teams, 2 playing the role of the prosecution and 1 playing the role of the defence. This was such a fantastic experience for the children who had the chance to be magistrates, solicitors, witnesses, ushers, court clerks, court artists and many other roles for the morning.

Friday’s competition was a culmination of 3 week’s of hard work, all the children have worked great in their respective teams demonstrating exceptional speaking and listening skills and confidence. As well as this they now have a great appreciation for how a magistrate court runs and a greater appreciation for the effects of online bullying.

Pip Harris & Sam Jones, Guilty or Innocent?

Well it turns out that in the 3 trials that we took part in today that they are innocent (which is good news for Lizzie and Owen). Despite both of our prosecution teams unable to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Pip and Sam were guilty of sending harassing emails they all spoke with such confidence, asking intelligent questions and responding with thoughtful and articulate answers. Our defence team blew away their opposition and won the verdict with all the children playing their part with such maturity and conviction.

The mock trial is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about our legal system and the process of a magistrate court. All the children are given roles which would be found in a magistrates court including the defendant, witnesses, prosecution and defence solicitor, court clerk, usher, court artist & reporter and even magistrates. Over the course of the last two weeks the children have built their case, writing questions and learning their lines all in preparation for today’s trials where they competed against 3 other schools. Although 2 of our 3 teams didn’t get the verdict they wanted we will find out how they scored when the results are sent through next week, so watch this space.

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Finally I would like to add how incredibly proud I was of all the children today, it was clear that many of them have worked exceptionally hard in the last two weeks. I was particularly impressed with those children who really stepped out of their comfort zone to perform in a very intimidating environment, well done and thank you for representing the school fantastically well. Mr M

Learning to code with Scratch

Scratch game
Eagles, I have been very busy so far in half term and have created a simple racing game on scratch that I would like you to trial, as you can imagine this took me quite a while without being able to ask Uly, Isla or Gemma for help!

Click on the link here to play….
(Remember this will only work on computers)

Once you have trialled the game for me would you let me know what you think I could do to improve it, you can look at the coding by clicking ‘look inside’.
(I am looking for how I could improve the game play, not what the sprites or backgrounds look like).

You can share your games too!

All you need to do is follow the instructions below…
1. Log onto scratch
2. Go to ‘My Stuff’
3. Click on the game you would like to share
4. Copy and paste all of the web address at the top of your page into a comment below.