Spellings w/b 1 April

Here are your spellings for next week – you will be tested next Wednesday.
Remember it’s important that you also know the meaning of the words you are learning!


misspell, mislead,mistreat, misbehave, mistrust, misprint, misuse, misplace, misheard, misread


commit, committee, transmit, submit, commitment, emit, permit, intermittent, omit, unremitting


Homework tasks – 5th February

This week, you have two additional homework tasks.

  1. Persuasive letter. Research an environmental issue that you would like to question a company on.  Make sure you have found at least 3 statistics to make your argument as powerful as possible, and we will write the letter in class.

2. Continue your ‘ideal bedroom’ models. You have 2 more weeks for this one if needed. Be creative! Do as much as you can at home and we will add electrics in class.

Hot write task

Alex Honnold Free Climb


Your homework task this week is to write a short piece of description, in the first person, based on this film/image; for this piece of writing, stick to the order in the ‘hot write’ grid below:

If___; then___. Time/Manner/Reason/ Place, _____ Statement; details
ed/ing/ly, _______ Although/Despite____,____ Embedded Clause ___,___,____
SO3 _______, _______ and ______. ?! Elipses _____ …

PS – don’t try this at home (the climbing bit!)




Spellings 06.12 .18

Here are this week’s spellings; you will be tested on Thursday 13th December. Please find the meaning of each unfamiliar word as we will put these into sentences during morning activity next week.


truly, duly, wholly, fully, daily, publicly, dryly, slyly, shyly, coyly


minibus, miniskirt, miniscule, minibeast, minicab, minimum, microscope, microchip, microphone, microwave