A request for our first light experiment

For an experiment this week, please could you bring a small electrical item that emits light and has a switch (i.e. you can turn it on and off). This could be a basic torch, bike light, or phone with a torch app. Get permission first and please no lasers or fire! Thank you…

light rays

Spellings – due Wednesday 15th January

There is one set of spellings this week for everyone; these words will cover our science learning for this term.

light, source, dark, absence, transparent, translucent, opaque, shiny, matt, surface, shadow, reflect, mirror, sunlight, dangerous

Maths models for home learning

This week’s home learning will support the division we are studying in class – the model below may help make sense of a written method of division:


You could use a selection of £1, 10p and 1p coins at home (ensure that you make clear £1 = 100p in this case) .

Each ‘column of 3’ coins is used to show how the answer. Here is another example below:


Spellings (due Wednesday 4th December)

Please ensure you know what each word means! (This will form part of your test next week)


adorable, valuable, advisable, believable, desirable, excitable, knowledgeable, likeable, changeable, noticeable


expression, discussion, confession, permission, admission, transmission, possession, profession, depression, impression

Eagles maths…bonus task!

For maths in class this week, we are applying multiplication and spot of division to measuring volume. Please could you source and bring in to school an item of food packaging Рpreferably empty! It should be:

  • a solid shape – no bags or unusually shaped punnets
  • either cuboid, triangular or cylindrical – a tin of beans (this could be unopened and returned to you), a box of stock cubes or even a toblerone would all work well.
  • no larger than a cereal packet

We will be combining this with a project on food branding.

Thank you!



Home Learning (due 13th November)

  1. Please read your book and have DIAL questions ready for the chapters you have agreed in your groups
  2. This week you have a 100 word challenge on the painting below. it doesn’t need to be a compete story! Concentrate on what you see in the painting and think about which skills you can show off! You can bring your writing in on a USB, email or hand write your compositions.

Nighthawks, 1942 by Edward Hopper

Nighthawks, 1942 by Edward Hopper