Sports week round up

This week Eagles led orienteering and activities for 4 classes across the school; this turned out to be harder than it looked but they did a great job planning, explaining and  encouraging. Well done all of you!

We have also tried ultimate frisbee and taken part in 3 hotly contested fixtures against Goshawks (dodgeball) and a staff team (football and netball).  All were great fun thanks to your excellent sportsmanship throughout.


Orienteering day

Based on the day out last term, Eagles spent a day outside designing orienteering courses. Each course featured a series of different challenges for competitors to complete and we hope to lead these for the rest of the school during sports week next term. Maybe an afternoon challenge for parents?!

‘Memories to last a lifetime and experiences that will change you forever’ – Residential 2017

What an incredible week it was!

I really hope you all found residential as brilliant as I did. I not only loved joining in with the kayking, rafting building, abseiling, high ropes (not so much!), underground maze and all the other amazing things we did on residential, but I absolutely loved watching you all conquer fears, work together in a team and support each other.

I personally would like to thank you all for making it such a superb week from start to finish, I would also like to thank Mrs Smith, Miss Saunders and Mrs Pigott for all their help in making an amazing week.

Without a doubt you will have made memories that will last a life time and had experiences that will change you forever.

Mr M


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I thought I would also share my top 5 moments on residential (feel free to share yours) – not in any order
1. The fearless attitude from many on the high ropes – ‘Mr M, how many polos will you give me if I do this next bit with no hands?’
2. The raft completely collapsing (in fact I loved this whole session)
3. ‘Emptying’ our wellies after the underground maze!
4. Listening to music on the bench after the evening walk – Little things like this are what I love!
5. Black magic, The manor art gallery and all the other riddles

Remember we have loads more photos at school so bring in your memory sticks to be able to take them home