Maths models for home learning

This week’s home learning will support the division we are studying in class – the model below may help make sense of a written method of division:


You could use a selection of £1, 10p and 1p coins at home (ensure that you make clear £1 = 100p in this case) .

Each ‘column of 3’ coins is used to show how the answer. Here is another example below:


Bar modelling in maths

All this month eagles have completing a challenge a day for ‘Barvember’. Have a look in your child’s learning journal for some examples! Bar modelling is a method of representation of a numbers in the form of bars or boxes in order to solve problems. It takes a bit of practise but Eagles are becoming quite proficient in using it to solve some increasing complex questions.

Here, Bea, Marnie and Alana present their solutions to some challenges…


Eagles maths…bonus task!

For maths in class this week, we are applying multiplication and spot of division to measuring volume. Please could you source and bring in to school an item of food packaging – preferably empty! It should be:

  • a solid shape – no bags or unusually shaped punnets
  • either cuboid, triangular or cylindrical – a tin of beans (this could be unopened and returned to you), a box of stock cubes or even a toblerone would all work well.
  • no larger than a cereal packet

We will be combining this with a project on food branding.

Thank you!



Sports week round up

This week Eagles led orienteering and activities for 4 classes across the school; this turned out to be harder than it looked but they did a great job planning, explaining and  encouraging. Well done all of you!

We have also tried ultimate frisbee and taken part in 3 hotly contested fixtures against Goshawks (dodgeball) and a staff team (football and netball).  All were great fun thanks to your excellent sportsmanship throughout.