Mock Trial 2020

After some heroic last minute organising on behalf of Gloucestershire magistrates, we were able to press ahead with the mock trial here at Gastrells. Both Eagles teams played against each other before our defence team went up against Woodchester. Despite a stern cross examination of our witnesses the court decided in favour of a not guilty verdict, meaning a courtroom victory for Eli and Leo! Results of the the actual competition (judged on quality of our overall presentation) should hopefully be available in a few weeks’ time, but well done to all who took part, including courtroom staff, solicitors, witnesses, reporters, magistrates and artists

Mock Trial 2020


Please be advised that tomorrow’s mock trials are going ahead, however at school instead of Novatis House. Our teams will play each other before our defence team take on Woodchester at 11am. Please come to school to begin at the normal time. Bring or wear smart clothes in and your Book Day costume in a separate bag (we will dress up as soon as the trial is complete!)

Although the venue is different we are very fortunate to be welcoming 3 visitors:  the Lord Lieutenant, an Inspector from Gloucestershire Constabulary and the Chair of the Gloucestershire Magistrates, which will be a fantastic experience for Eagles.



Magistrate Visit

2 visits in as many days for Eagles, as today we were visited by a practising magistrate who gave us an fascinating discussion on their role and how the British  court system operates. Eagles fired off some excellent questions and got thinking about some of the  complex legal and moral questions regarding crime and punishment. We are now keen to get preparations underway for the upcoming mock trial !

Trip to skillzone


Today we spent an informative and fun afternoon learning how keep ourselves safe at Skillzone; where life scenarios are mocked up and explored with the help of a guide. Today we explored the home, roads, railways, safe and unsafe streets, the park, police custody and our own mental well-being. It was a memorable experience for staff and pupils alike !


Internet safety afternoon

On Thursday we were joined by Mark constabulary who taught Eagles a little more about the importance of staying safe on the internet and specifically what – and what not – to share online. It left us all thinking carefully about our digital footprint and Mark will be back with us later in the year for a follow up visit.