Investigating light

Over the coming weeks we will be observing how light behaves and how we see things: this week observing how travels with a simple experiment.

A request for our first light experiment

For an experiment this week, please could you bring a small electrical item that emits light and has a switch (i.e. you can turn it on and off). This could be a basic torch, bike light, or phone with a torch app. Get permission first and please no lasers or fire! Thank you…

light rays

Circulation and digestion- dissection day!

I’ve finally located the pictures from our dissection a few weeks ago! We split into two groups and examined the lungs, kidneys, heart and trachea (the long pipe that brings the air you inhale to your lungs.) Eagles got stuck in brilliantly and had some excellent questions to ask; we were also  able to get some truly hands on biology experience as well as learning in general about the importance of hygiene in food and medicine and practical cutting skills.


Drawing machines

…Jackson Pollock meets circuit building! We have spent an enjoyable couple of afternoons building devices to draw patterns, using circuits and motors. Some of the machines were livelier than others so we experimented with adding weights and counter balances to see how this affected their movement. Eagles responded in typically creative fashion in both the machines and the outcome!