Drawing machines

…Jackson Pollock meets circuit building! We have spent an enjoyable couple of afternoons building devices to draw patterns, using circuits and motors. Some of the machines were livelier than others so we experimented with adding weights and counter balances to see how this affected their movement. Eagles responded in typically creative fashion in both the machines and the outcome!



Homework & Spellings

Spellings – remember to focus on learning the meanings as well as being able to use them in a sentence (to be tested on Friday)

Here is the link to SirLinkalot’s website which may give you some ideas of ways to learn this weeks spellings – http://www.thinkalink.co.uk/view/ruin

Year 5 – invigorate, unfortunately, vertebrate, accessorise, personalise, improvise, symbolise, turquoise, vandalise, classification

Year 6 – nuisance, occupy, opportunities, parliament, persuade, professional, physicality, programming, pronunciation, privilege

SPaG – Complete as much as possible of the SPaG Mat (both sides) – Friday

Y6 Maths – Complete the division worksheet, you may want to wait until next week to complete after we have gone over this again in class – Friday

Science – To research one of the animal classes (mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians or  arthropods) and present your research in a format of your choice. You may wish to create a poster, video, model, powerpoint or any other way you can think of. (Think 3 stars- ‘ooooo’).

What makes them a mammal/ fish etc? What animals are part of that animal class? What habitats do they live in? What is the largest/ smallest reptile/ amphibian etc?

Websites which may be helpful for your research



Our Solar System scaled down to 100m

On Wednesday Eagles made their way to Rodborough common to see what our solar system would look like if it was scaled down to 100m. 
The children used a trundle wheel to measure the distances from the sun, all the way out to Pluto (we know it’s not really a planet) which was 98.6m away from the sun.

Here are some comments from the children…

“The further away from the sun you go the further tha planets are apart”

“Other than Pluto all the planets which are further apart are the larger planets”

“Earth is really close to Mars and Venus”

“It’s not surprising Neptune is incredibly cold as it’s very far away from the sun”

Eagles homework is out of this world!

It is great to be able to share so many fantastic ‘3 star’ homework from last week. I was incredibly impressed and proud of all the the time, effort and originality from many of the children, I hope you all enjoyed researching your planets.
Many of the pieces of homework are now being displayed either outside Eagles classroom or in the school entrance