Peter Pan

Eagles have been working hard all week on the play; we don’t want to give away too many secrets but here are a few pictures below.

If you have any last minute questions regarding costumes, I’ll be on the playground on Friday evening after school, or after cross country on Thursday.




Residential (Prologue)

As we all force those last items into the bag, here are the last few bits of information, in case the note didn’t make it home ( I found two copies of the letter on the balcony on Friday!)

Arrive at 8.45am as normal tomorrow to leave things in the school hall; we’ll be on our way as soon as the car park is clear of traffic.

Dear Parents croft farm last letter

The weather forecast is very positive – I’m pleased to report the arrival of sunshine around the black cloud from Tuesday – Friday! Get a good night’s sleep and see you all tomorrow…



Sports week round up

This week Eagles led orienteering and activities for 4 classes across the school; this turned out to be harder than it looked but they did a great job planning, explaining and  encouraging. Well done all of you!

We have also tried ultimate frisbee and taken part in 3 hotly contested fixtures against Goshawks (dodgeball) and a staff team (football and netball).  All were great fun thanks to your excellent sportsmanship throughout.