Creating our own Hindu Gods

This week in World Awareness Fortnight we have been learning about the Hindu Gods and on Friday we had the chance to create our own Hindu Gods, we had a huge range including the God of rapping, God of flowers and the God  of water. Many thanks to Julie Fowler who worked with the children to create these amazing pieces of art.



Homework & Week 3 Spellings

Maths – To continue practicing your maths passport targets

Times table rock star – to complete 10 games on garage (Due Monday)

Topic –  To research and present your findings in a method of your choice on an Indian city of your choice.  (Due Wednesday 18th Oct)

Spellings – To be tested on Monday 16th October

Purple – convenience, preference, coincidence, insistence, recurrence, nuisance, relevance, resemblance, substance, grievance

Red – alteration, accommodation, conservation, examination, perspiration, punctuation, preparation, intervention, exception, interruption

Green – announce, account, mountain, surrounded, pronounce, scoundrel, scrounge, slouch, pounce, insurmountable

Blue – meaning, treatment, stream, breathe, please, tease, lean, seasons, feast, squeak


Week 3 Spellings, homework & 100 word challenge #2

Spellings – This week all your spellings are adverbs, they will be tested on Thursday 5th October.

Purple – unexpectedly, anxiously, hesitantly, diligently, obnoxiously, unnecessarily, optimistically, ferociously, unbearably, jubilantly 

Red – enthusiastically, urgently, patiently, potentially, sedately, vaguely, viciously, partially, jovially, intensely 

Green – kindheartedly, jealously, fatally, sharply, officially, immediately, eventually, optimistically, valiantly, vaguely

Blue – excitedly, eventually, immediately, urgently, rudely, scarily, doubtfully, easily, noisily, officially


Timestable Rockstar – To complete the 10 sessions on garage over the weekend.

Maths Passport – To continue to practice your maths passport targets

Reading – To continue to read and share your book at home.

Maths – To complete your short/ long multiplication sheet (Due Wednesday)

100 word challenge – To use the picture below to inspire your 100 words, remember to reread your writing, challenge yourself with your use of vocabulary and punctuation and to be original.
You may want to think about the following questions to get yourself started…

How would you describe the buildings? What do you notice about the water? Who is the person in the boat? Do they know what’s beneath them? Do people walking on the grass at the top know that the buildings are underneath the ground? How do people get to this place? Who lives here?