Easter Homework

Year 6
Maths – Complete your 10 for 10 arithmetic and reasoning booklets over the Easter. As I said in class this homework will hopefully keep you going over the Easter break, with just 10 minutes of maths everyday, please don’t spend any longer or worry if you miss a day.

Year 5/6

Reading – You should all have your reading books at home with you (if not choose a new book from home), once you have completed the book over the Easter I would like you to discuss the following with your parents. Please could your parents then sign your home school records to show that you have completed this.

  1. Can you summarise the plot of your story?
  2. Which character do you like the most and why?
  3. Which part of the book made you laugh? cry? feel scared?
  4. What time period is the book set in and how do you know?
  5. Who is the most important character?
  6. Who would enjoy this book? Who wouldn’t?
  7. Is it like any other books that you may have read?
  8. If the author was to write a sequel, what would happen?

100 word challenge

As I explained in class I would like you to really focus on the content of your writing with this 100 word challenge. Please choose a 1, 2, or 3 star (oooooh) criteria to write to, not forgetting to think about the brief too.

Task – use the picture and these questions to help you

  • How does The Imaginator work? What goes in and what comes out? What’s creating the sparks? Does it need electricity to function? Write an explanation of how it works.
  • Who made The Imaginator?
  • Who does this one belong to? Why is it here?


1 star – ly/ing/ed opener, fronted adverbial, conjunctions (FANBOYS), brackets, comma

2 star – A relative clause, embedded clause, semi colon, question mark,

3 star – Short sentence for effect, range of clauses, hyphen, semi colon, power of three

Homework and 100 Word challenge

Spellings – To be tested on Friday

Y5 – attendance, avoid, avoidance, nuisance, accountancy, importance, inconsistency, vacancy, reassurance, expectancy,

Y6 – crumb, succumb, silhouette, wreckage, wreath, lamb, knight, thistle, device, devise, practice, practise

Maths – This will be given on Monday but here is 4 ’24 challenge’ cards for you to try and complete by Tuesday. Remember you have to use all the numbers, how many times can you complete one card?

100 Word Challenge – To be completed by Friday

To use the following words within your 100 words: Hard Beautiful Brown Worried Camera

Please remember to read and edit your writing before you send and as always try to challenge yourself.

Homework & Spellings

Reading – Those of you who have been allocated a reading group please make sure you read up to the chapter you have been told to. If you aren’t currently in a reading group please can you ensure you spend at least 30 minutes reading at home this weekend.

Y6 Maths – Adding fractions work sheet (Due Wednesday) – if you need help with this please see me Monday.

Maths Games – spend at least 30minutes playing some of the games on the links below.

Maths revision games

Find the area maths game

More maths games

Y5 Maths – This will be given out on Monday.

Spellings – To be tested on Friday

Y5 – tolerant, fragrant, relevant, ignorance, deodorant, consonant, flamboyant, disturbance, irrelevant, inheritance

Y6 – siege, shriek, bought, fought, roughest, toughest, enough, nought, although, throughout, borough, plough drought, doubtful, solemn (15 spellings this week, make sure you start looking at them straight away!)


Sensational Gymnastic Performances

Since Christmas  Eagles have been developing their gymnastics skills. This unit culminated in the children working in pairs to choreograph their own sequences and share these with the parents on Friday.

I was incredibly proud to watch how far the children had come, developing their control, balance and key skills, as well as this they all showed a huge amount of courage to perform their 2 minute long sequences  in front of a packed audience.

Check out the video below to see some of the highlights.

Mr M

(Thank you to Imogen and Tom for filming)


Homework & Spellings

Spellings – To be tested on Friday 24th March

Y5 – confidential, essential, residential, substantial, torrential, infancy, truant, blatant, peasant, reliant
Y6 – deceive, perceive, conceited, deceit, protein, seize, diesel, hygiene, pierce, retrieve


Y6 – Maths arithmetic homework (30 mins) – Due Wednesday 22nd March

Reading comprehensions (1 hr) – Due Wednesday 22nd March

Y5 – Maths sheet- Due Wednesday 22nd March

100 Word challenge – Friday 24th March

Use the picture below and think about the following questions before writing your 100 words.

  • What happened to the moon, clouds and stars?
  • How did it happen?
  • How are the animals involved?
  • What time of year is it? How do you know?
  • How might the moon be returned to the sky?